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PUBG Mobile Releases M14 Royale Pass, Get 18 Permanent Skins!

PUBG Mobile Releases M14 Royale Pass, Get 18 Permanent Skins!

After Royale Pass Month 13 (RP M13) titled Exo Genesis, PUBG MOBILE didn’t take long to announce the continuation, that is Night of the Fables which is the main theme RP M14.

Check out how to get RP M14 and a myriad of prizes here!

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How to get PUBG MOBILE Royale Pass Month 14 (RP M14)

Photo via PUBG Mobile

Royale Pass Month 14 will be available from 19 August – 19 September 2022. As before, there are 3 versions — Free, Eliteand Elite Plus — with different prizes.

As the name implies, a gift Royale Pass version Free can be obtained by players free without need top up UC.

If you are not satisfied with the prize, players can do upgrade to version Elite with 360 UC or Elite Plus with 960 UC.

Gift List PUBG MOBILE Royale Pass Month 14 (RP M14)

Photo via PUBG Mobile

For this season, Royale Pass presenting 50 free gifts and 55 extra gifts. This is the list skin permanent free that players can get:

RP M14(Free)

  • Skins permanent: Street Dance Emote, Enchanted Wish Parachute, Nightfarer Mask, Nightfarer Glasses, Nightfarer Setand Blazing Rose – S1897.

RP M14 (Elite):

  • All gifts RP M14 (Free).
  • Skins permanent: Oasis Idol Set, Emerald Leaf – PP-19 Bizon, Oasis Idol Cover, Gilded Flower Backpack, Gemstone Ring Ornament, Perfume Bottle Stun Grenade, Imperial Gold Speedboat, Royal Aurum Emote, Gold Feather – MK47, Royal Aurum Mask, Royal Aurum Cover, and Royal Aurum Set.

RP M14 (Elite Plus):

  • All gifts RP M14 (Free) and RP M14 (Elite).
  • Additional advantages: Frame M14 RP Avatars, 1 emoticons free of charge, 10 Golden Chicken Draw free, Respect 30 times a week and 1,200 RP Points to instantly unlock 12 levels.

In addition to the permanent prizes mentioned above, players can also get various other attractive prizes such as Room Card, Classic Crate Coupon Scrap, Mission Card, RP Badge, Graffiti, UC, AG, BP until Silver.

How to Claim Prize PUBG MOBILE Royale Pass Month 14 (RP M14)

Photo via PUBG Mobile

As before, players only need complete the mission to level up Royal Pass Month 14. There is 50 levelsand each level will give a reward depending on the edition Royal Pass player.

Completing the mission will give RP Points to level up RP M14. Difficult missions can be completed instantly using Mission Cards or UC.

Royale Pass Month 14 available from 19 August – 19 September 2022. Play on PUBG MOBILE can get gifts Night of the Fables!

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