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Pros and Cons of Netizens about Ariel Halle Bailey in Live Action Film The Little Mermaid


Disney just released teaser film Live Action The Little Mermaid at the D23 Expo. teaser 1 minute 24 seconds which shows Halle Bailey (Ariel) wading through life under the sea while singing a few lines of the iconic song ‘Part of Your World’ managed to get more than 104 million views globally, according to the website Variety.

However, amid the excitement and enthusiasm of the release teaser However, many netizens expressed their disappointment. Comments on the pros and cons also color social media. Many praised the acting and beautiful voice of Halle Bailey, but not a few were disappointed because the figure of Ariel played by Bailey did not match the Ariel that had been shown in animated films.

As is known, so far the visual character of Ariel in animated films is described as a white mermaid. Meanwhile, Halle Bailey, who will play Ariel in the Live Action film The Little Mermaid, is black. Not only that, netizens also highlighted Bailey who does not have red hair, like Ariel in the animated film.

Teaser Live Action The Little MermaidThe Little Mermaid Live Action Teaser/ Photo: Screenshot/YouTube/Walt Disney Studio

In fact, disappointed netizens made the hashtag #NotMyAriel on Twitter.

“Dear Halle, please don’t do this. Don’t play a role that you have just because of the color of your skin, a scroll you only get because Disney wants more variety. Let’s write a new story and not change and ruin the old one. Ariel is white, red-haired and Danish #NotMyAriel,” wrote one netizen, quoted from The Teen Magazine.

“As a girl who grew up as a redhead, Ariel is my film entertainer. Someone I can ‘relate’ to. If you want more diversity, create more characters. Don’t try and win over people just by picking a minority. really took the time and effort to create a #NotMyAriel character,” said another netizen.

Teaser Live Action The Little MermaidThe Little Mermaid Live Action Teaser/ Photo: Screenshot/YouTube/Walt Disney Studio

Among the many disappointments, not a few are defending Halle Bailey and happy that Ariel’s character will be played by a woman who is part of the R&B duo Chloe x Halle. Netizens said that the negative comments made were mostly racist. With Halle Bailey playing Ariel, it is considered a representation of diversity in the world of cinema.

“Diversity is the most important thing in media, bringing so many people together,” commented one netizen.

The world diva Mariah Carey also shows her excitement waiting for the Live Action film The Little Mermaid which is scheduled to be released in May 2023.

“Congratulations Halle!! Me and my kids are so excited for Ariel’s emancipation,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Halle Bailey's InstagramHalle Bailey/ Photo: Instagram chloexhalle

Responding to the comments circulating, Bailey himself was more focused on the character he played than the hatred he received.

“The fact that it’s now being played by me, someone who looks like me, a girl of color, I’m like, wow, I’m so grateful for what she’s going to do for all the other black and brown boys and girls who will see themselves they are in me,” he said, quoted from Daily Mail.

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