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Promotion System, the Number of VALORANT Teams Will Increase in the Franchise Every Year

Promotion System, the Number of VALORANT Teams Will Increase in the Franchise Every Year.

Good news has come from Riot Games and Valorant Esports today. Previously, where many teams were very worried about the Valorant ecosystem starting in 2023 because of the partnership or franchise system, all of those things have been answered.

This VALORANT exclusive partnership league will add new entrants from Challengers Ascension until 2028.

The number of teams in the three leagues will increase every year, with the first new teams added in 2024. Each league will accept one new entrant until 2027. Teams have the opportunity to qualify for franchised leagues through new Ascension tournaments.

Three partnership leagues, to be set in the region EMEA, America and APACwill feature 10 teams in each league for a total of 30 teams by 2023.

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VCT Domestic League Challengers Calendar
Via: Riot Games

Teams can qualify for this tier 1 league by winning the Ascension tournament, which will be the pinnacle of the regional Challengers league. There will be 21 Challengers leagues around the world divided by region.

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This format will allow the top three teams from each region to qualify directly and promote to international leagues.

These Valorant teams will get a two-year promotion with similar benefits to franchised teams but then they will have to go back to Challengers and repeat the process again.

Reported by Dexerto, teams that play in this international league will get money from Riot Games, at least USD$600,000 or around Rp. 8.8 Billion and can rise to reach USD$1.5 Million or around Rp. 22 Billion if some requirements are met.

The teams that qualify for the Valorant partnership league will also be protected by poaching from Riot and Valorant themselves.

The partnership league will start in mid-February 2023 and will start with 10 teams selected by Riot.

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