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Pro Player Agree Beatrix Hero OP Mobile Legends (ML)

The MPL ID Season 10 tournament this time has held the fourth week of matches. Each team certainly wants to show their best in the fourth week this time. This time Pro Player Agrees Beatrix Hero OP Mobile Legends (ML).

There have been many use of heroes presented this time in the MPL ID Season 10 tournament. With so many hero pools from each team this time

This time, several pro players agree with Beatrix’s hero, which can be said to be quite overpowered for now. Of course, this is quite interesting for us to discuss this time, see the following in the article.

Pro Player Agree Beatrix Hero OP Mobile Legends (ML)

This time, several proplayers such as Xin and Luminaire gave their comments about the Beatrix hero which was quite broken or Over Power was used in MPL Indonesia Season 10. The following is an explanation.

“Guys, I’ll be honest, this Beatrix must be between the tires or a strange hero Beatrix swears.” Say Xin

Xin said that Beatrix’s hero was quite strange according to him with the damage given by the hero. Besides that, Luminaire also explains why the hero is quite overpowered with various damage that can be done by Beatrix’s hero which makes it a complete package for damage dealers.

“It’s too much use Beatrix, can ngeburst, can poke poke, can clear, can DPS, can turret thief, thief lord can.” said Luminaire

That’s the explanation from the pro player who stated that Beatrix was an overpowered hero this time with some pretty broken damage. What do you think about the explanations from the pro players?