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Price of Skin Johnson Wreck King Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends released many new Skins that were present for its heroes to be getting better and cooler. Also know the price of the Johnson Wreck King Skin Mobile Legends (ML), so that later you can prepare first. After seeing the price of Johnson’s Skin like this, it means that you will not hesitate to have it soon.

There are still many new updates that appear in the Mobile Legends game, so you are also interested in playing it immediately. Especially for events that are still ongoing now, there will be many good things for players to try now easily.

Then the appearance of the Cool Epic Skin Lucky Box Mobile Legends, there are indeed many and it makes me curious to play it now. Because there are still some good things that we can indeed find, as well as interesting things that appear for us to collect.

Even the appearance of the Johnson Wreck King Mobile Legends (ML) Skin Price, you can see it first before you have it. Even though it’s an old skin, you have to know this first so you can prepare well later.

Price of Skin Johnson Wreck King Mobile Legends (ML)

According to Esportsku, the price of the Johnson Wreck King Skin is Rp. 800,000, then you can receive this grand prize later. Of course, by looking at the price of the skin, you will immediately know and not be confused about collecting the money.

Price of Skin Johnson Wreck King Mobile Legends (ML)

So Skin Johnson Wreck King Mobile Legends is present for the first time in Lucky Box. Having an Epic Limited Type that comes into the game, even has the most different vehicle shape from the other Skins as well.

Johnson has the appearance of a digging car, having a giant iron drill on the top of the front. Of course, the price of the Wreck King Skin is quite large, but the quality is also in accordance with that.

If you have seen the Price of the Johnson Wreck King ML Skin, make sure you are the ones to prepare for all of this. It will be even more fun to do it now, if you want to have the skin.

Moreover, there are some of the Best Johnson Skins in Mobile Legends, they look really good and suitable when we use them. It has various shapes and effects, so it adds a nice impression for you to use it coolly.