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Powerful Tips to Stop Saber Mobile Legends for Physical Heroes

Are you having trouble fighting Saber? Calm down, here are powerful tips to stop Saber in Mobile Legends specifically for physical damage heroes.

Saber is the jungler hero most feared by Mobile Legends players today, because the effectiveness of killing him is very high.

Once targeted by Saber, your chances of survival are very small, you need some special method or item to stop Saber.

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Like the following powerful tips to stop Saber, which requires 1 special item to make everything run smoothly, then how?

Buy WON Items


A powerful way to stop Saber specifically for heroes with physical damage is to buy a special item called WON or Wind of Nature.

This item can make the user immune for a while from all physical damage produced by the enemy.

So because Saber’s damage is physical, you must buy this WON item, especially for those of you who play core, you really need to use this item against Saber.

The Wind of Nature item itself is indeed made to stop all physical heroes in Mobile Legends who have unreasonable abilities.

saber mobile legends
Photo via Amino Apps

This item will give you immunity as we said before and it is sufficient as a defense item or it can also be an attack item because there is little damage stats generated from this item.

Those are powerful tips to stop Saber Mobile Legends, so don’t be afraid anymore when you fight this assassin, spinners.

Because all Mobile Legends heroes must have their natural counters either through heroes or items, including Saber itself.

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