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PMPL ID Fall Grand Final Ticket Price PUBG Mobile

The 2022 PMPL ID Fall tournament for the country league phase is indeed held online. So that fans can only see on the screen. However, there is good news that the County Finals will be held offline. The following is the price for the PMPL ID Fall PUBG Mobile Grand Final Ticket.

The PMPL Indonesia 2022 Fall Tournament will be held from September 20 to September 28, 2022. Where there are 20 teams competing in the County League phase and the top 16 for the Country Finals.

Currently, each team is running an online tournament at their respective places. This league phase is indeed quite exciting for us to watch with the competition that occurs between all teams. But it’s still quite lacking if we don’t see the match directly or offline.

This time the Grand Final of the PMPL ID Fall tournament will be held Offline. The following is the ticket price to be able to watch the grand final match. Check out the article below for an explanation.

PMPL ID Fall PUBG Mobile Grand Final Ticket Prices

You can buy tickets for the Grand Final on 26-28 September 2022 at a fairly affordable price, of course. For the first circle presale on September 18-21, it is around Rp. 25 thousand per day and for the last circle presale on September 22-24, the price is set at Rp. 35 thousand per day.

Tickets are limited to 1,000 tickets per day. Therefore, don’t miss out on watching the action of your favorite teams at the Senayan Basketball hall, Jakarta later.

Of course you also have to follow the terms and conditions that apply to be able to watch offline. That’s the explanation of the ticket price to watch the PMPL ID Fall 2022 grand final this time. Don’t miss it so you can watch later.