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Pikmin 4 Officially Announced, 10 Years of Waiting - Game Review Indonesia #1

Nintendo has revealed the return of the franchise Pikmin after 10 years have passed since Pikmin 3that is Pikmin 4. The game is planned for release in 2023.

This information was officially announced by Nintendo through the Nintendo Direct event – ​​September 2022. If you are interested in Nintendo games, you can check out our other articles here.

Description of Pikmin 4

The first sneak peek in the new sequel in the franchise Pikmin revealing a serene garden and a napping Bulborb, but still one important element is missing… Pikmin! Where are they?

Nintendo stated that they will be providing some new details regarding the Pikmin 4 before its release in 2023.


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The journey of the announcement Pikmin 4 is a very long run. In 2015, Shigeru Miyamoto told Eurogamer that the game was “very close to completion”. The same question then appeared in 2016 and 2017 before finally being announced by Nintendo in September 2022.

Pikmin 4 will release on Nintendo Switch in 2023. Below are some official photos for the game: