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Party Setup Yae Miko Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has released a lot of very cool latest updates for you to try now. Then also try the Yae Miko Genshin Impact Party Setup, as a Build party that is very suitable for him. Because seeing the potential of Yae Miko’s own strength, it will make it easier for players to attack opponents easily.

Especially with the presence of a major update like that, Genshin Impact of course provides a variety of new things that will make the traveler return to the spirit of playing. Because the events and stories of the game will increase, the prizes may also be even more.

Then by looking at the Genshin Impact Character List that has appeared from the beginning until now, it turns out that there are a lot of these in total. In fact, each character also has a variety of strengths that are quite interesting for us to use in parties.

Then by trying Yae Miko Genshin Impact’s Party Setup, it will help Yae Miko bring out her full abilities. Even once, Yae Miko will help this party to give a much stronger attack than before.

Party Setup Yae Miko Genshin Impact

Yae Miko is a 5-star Electro Character who has very interesting Skills, even from her appearance and mysterious nature. Yae Miko is a character that if the information is Support, but we can also make it a DPS or Sub DPS.

Even so, my Esports also uses Yae Miko as DPS, from Yae Miko’s Best Build. Then the function of this Party will make it easier for Yae Miko or the characters in the Party to give stronger attacks than before.

Esportsku has several Party Recommendations that might be suitable, and see if you have a character or not.

Party 1:

  • Yae Miko (Playing DPS)
  • Kokomi (Healer)
  • Kazuha (Support)
  • Raiden (Sub DPS)
Party Setup Yae Miko Genshin Impact
SC: My Esports Personal Documents

In terms of the party, this will really raise Yae Miko, who plays more often in the Open Field. By using this skill, Yae Miko will really give consecutive attacks with fairly large damage.

Yae Miko’s great potential is helped by the Shogun’s Elemental Burst Raiden Skill too, use it if she has issued her Normal Skill. Making it as a Battery from the Team, even making Raiden possible as an Off Field type because the skill is still active even though you change characters.

Yae Miko will also be helped by the Elemental Combo from Kokomi, especially since she has given Hydro and Healing Effects too. The opponents we face when exposed to this hydro effect, of course, will be exposed to the Hydro and Electro Combo Elements at the same time.

If Kazuha might be an Elemental Mastery power that fits perfectly with Yae Miko or her party team as well. That way your resistance with the addition of the Anemo Effect that takes the combination with the Electro, will definitely match and can trap the enemy in the ultimate scope area.

Yae Miko Genshin Impact’s Party Setup is Party 2:

  • Yae Miko (Playing DPS)
  • Kujou Sara / Bennett (Support Buff)
  • Raiden (Sub DPS)
  • Sucrose (Support)

If for this the Party is still directing Yae Miko to become Main DPS, and vice versa for Raiden Shogun. They are still the highest support in the Party, even to become a Battery that you might be able to use better.

However, the presence of Kujou Sara, is a Support Buff that you can indeed use to increase Yae Miko’s damage. However, my Esports knows that this effect will only take effect if Kujou Sara has already received C6 for sure. Gives a Buff to increase Crit Rate and Crit DMG which will really affect Yae Miko.

But if you don’t have Kujou Sara C6 yet, you can still use Bennett without any Cons at all. Because his Burts Skill will provide a Healing Buff and also a fairly large Attack for Yae Miko’s Burst attack.

As well as for Sucrose who will provide elemental Buffs, so that Yae Miko’s attacks can also become wider because of Elemental Anemo like this. This is also helped by Sucrose’s Cons which, if I’m not mistaken, reduces the enemy’s elemental Resis by a fairly large amount.

Party 3:

  • Yae Miko (Playing DPS)
  • Fischyl (Sub DPS)
  • Xinqiu (Sub DPS)
  • Sucrose (Support)

Party Setup Yae Miko Genshin Impact

In this Party entry as Party Free 2 Play, yup, it’s very easy for us to setup quickly too. Even if you use a party like this, then you have to use Yae Miko more often because it deals damage from her attacks or totems. As well as Burst attacks which will increase the damage, because using this Party.

Fischl will give Particle Electro from his SKill, so Yae Miko might be able to charge her Ultimate even faster. Although this character can’t give Burts very high damage, it really supports Yae Miko in collecting these particles.

The attack that Xinqiu will give from her Burst damage, allows Yae Miko to give continuous Electrocharged Combos to the enemy. Even Xingqiu himself can deal quite a lot of damage with his skill when he is in a party.

The ability of Element Anemo, which will apply other elemental attacks, will help Yae Miko in dealing fairly high damage. Sucrose can also gather opponents at one point of the most appropriate attack, so that later we can combo Anemo with Hydro, then Yae Miko and Fischl can give Electro Attacks. That way the Combo Element Electrocharged and Yae Miko’s own damage will definitely get higher.

Giving a Party from Yae Miko itself you should think about first, but maybe have a much better Combo than a party like this. Pairing the Party itself may have a different sensation, because we can feel what we designed ourselves too.

After knowing Yae Miko Genshin Impact’s Party Setup, you can just try it right now. If you really want to have great strength in dealing with every opponent, it certainly won’t be too difficult with a party like this.

Then we also need to look at the existing Genshin Impact Weapon List, so that you can determine the right weapon for the character. Because this will also help when doing Combos because there are very strong Buffs and Stats.