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OURA Praises RRQ Lemon Mobile Legeds (ML) Performance

The MPL ID Season 10 tournament this time has carried out the second week of matches. Each team has presented their best player. This time, OURA Praises the Performance of RRQ Lemon Mobile Legeds (ML).

Lemon with RRQ Hoshi this time gave a surprise in the second week of the MPL ID Season 10 tournament. This time Lemon was played against ONIC Esports and Bigetron Alpha.

This time, OURA praised Lemon’s own performance during the second week of competition yesterday. The following is an explanation of course quite interesting to explain, see the article below.

OURA Praises RRQ Lemon Mobile Legeds (ML) Performance

Through a video on his personal YouTube channel, Oura Gaming, this time reacting to videos where there is Lemon in the video. OURA praised Lemon’s performance in MPL.

“But indeed his (Lemon) game in MPL was really good, to be honest. That’s if people who already understand, flying hours, experience playing all kinds of things. After all, Lemon is a player who really uses his brain. More of a way of playing in his mind than mechanics, such a rich player is needed right now.”

According to OURA, Lemon’s own performance was very good, because the way he played, as we know Lemon, is a veteran player, he became an influential figure for the team.

That’s the explanation of OURA praising Lemon’s performance this time. what do you think about what the OURA said?