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Opera Browser Supports Ethereum Merge — Blockchain Media Indonesia

Browser Opera now supports merge Ethereum by providing third party wallet options. Integrations for the Ethereum Metamask wallet and other crypto wallets were announced this week.

The move is a strategy to target the crypto user market as Ethereum implements the transition to cryptocurrency proof of stake (PoS) before 20 September 2022.

Opera Browser added Support for crypto wallets through a feature called Wallet Selector or Wallet Selector.

Support Merge Ethereum, Browser Opera Brings Third-Party Wallet Option

On Monday (12/09/2022), the technology company announced the integration of crypto wallets via Twitter. The decision is aimed at improving the usability of Web3 in Opera applications.


Opera from Oslo, the capital of Norway, released the beta crypto browser in January to cater to the growing interest in Web3 browsers and work on the digital asset ecosystem.

Prior to the latest deployment, Opera’s Web3 browser only supported non-custodial crypto wallets created by the company.

Opera’s latest move is to bring third-party crypto wallets to users via the Wallet Selector. This feature allows browser users to download extensions for their favorite crypto wallets such as MetaMask.

For Opera, the feature adds Web3 usability to the browser in addition to interacting with decentralized applications (dApps). Opera also has Crypto Cornera news page that informs the latest events in the crypto asset industry.


Support for wallets such as MetaMask occurs in the same week as scheduled mergeupdate proof of stake (PoS) on the Ethereum network.

Ethereum World News launch, Susie Batt, Head of Opera’s Crypto Ecosystem, said merge is the most important technology update in crypto history. It adds, the only browsers that are ready are browser Opera for merge Ethereum.

Passion for merge can help boost the popularity of the Opera crypto browser, especially with the wallet selector feature.

Wallets like MetaMask have become integral to the Ethereum network, especially for crypto advocates who prefer to manage assets independently.


Nevertheless, update merge Ethereum has drawn criticism from Morgan Creek Digital Assets founder Jason Williams. He said Ethereum 2.0 had suffered a 51 percent attack.

The reason is, a group of individuals and founders already control more than 51 percent of ETH stored in the mechanism stake public.

Blockchain analysis site Nansen revealed that nearly two-thirds of the ETH investedstake controlled by Lido Finance, Coinbase, Kraken and Binance. These entities controlled Ethereum 2.0 deposit contracts for the past few months. [ed]