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ONIC Cecil clutch against GPX Day 3 Week 3 PMVB PUBG Mobile

Week 3 of the PMVB Season 1 tournament from 17 – 19 September has ended. The ladies teams that qualify for the Grand Finals will follow again after passing through the PMVB Season 1 league phase. ONIC Ax and AE Dione performed consistently on Week 3.

PUBG Mobile Valkyrie Battleground (PMVB) is a special PUBG Mobile tournament for the ladies team. After being absent, the ladies’ tournament finally returned to greet with a new name.

Interestingly, PMVB Season 1 has implemented a tournament format like 2022 PMPL ID last Spring.

The calculation of points in this competition uses a Bonus Points system which will be awarded to each team according to the final ranking in the weekly standings.

The application of a tournament format like this has proven to be effective in making tournaments more competitive. That’s because each team will be made to play consistently every week in order to earn big weekly points.

ONIC Cecil clutch against GPX Day 3 Week 3 PMVB PUBG Mobile

In the match on the third day of week 3 of the PMVB Season 1 tournament, there was an exciting show at the end of round 4 for the Erangel map. One of the ONIC Ax players managed to clutch a 1 v 2 situation with the GPX team.

Cecil this time became the Clutch master in the Erangel map. Cecil managed to bring ONIC Ax to victory and get WWCD. In this depressed position, ONIC Cecil managed to eliminate GPX Zota and GPX Gempi.

ONIC Ax managed to win rounds with a total of 13 eliminations and a total of 2679 damage. So this has solidified ONIC Ax to be in 2nd place in the PMVB Season 1 standings this time.

That’s the explanation about the ONIC Cecil clutch against the GPX day 3 week 3 PMVB Season 1 team this time. Will the performance of Cecil and his friends from ONIC Ax continue in the Grand Finals event later? We’ll just have to wait for their action this week.