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Often Use Non-Meta Jungler Heroes, Here's an Explanation from AURA Tezet!

Often Use Non-Meta Jungler Heroes, Here’s an Explanation from AURA Tezet!

AURA Fire is famous for strange heroes used as junglers. In this match, Esmeralda was used by High as a jungler and managed to outwit BTR Alpha. In addition, there is also Natalia jungler who was used by Blacklist International yesterday.

In this regard, this is the explanation of AURA Fire Tezet’s trainer regarding non-meta hero picks as junglers.

Aura Tezet
Source: Doc. Personal

“If the meta is ranked, it’s usually from the MPL meta, so it’s only natural that we use a hero that hasn’t happened in the rank yet. If you say later there will be additional strange heroes from High, we’ll see,” said Tezet.

You could say AURA is often a meta pioneer in rank, starting from Tank junglers like Uranus and Baxia before. It is interesting indeed if we have a different strategy and of course it makes the opponent confused to fight it.

Like when AURA released Natalia jungler yesterday, where her potential is very out when the enemy doesn’t know about it.

Unlike the second experiment where BTR was more aware of the presence of High’s Natalia jungler by bringing many thick heroes.

We are waiting for what heroes will appear in the next AURA Fire match because Tezet as a coach of course still has other strategies to show in the future.

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