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Officially in Jakarta, this is the M4 Mobile Legends World Championship Prize Pool!

Officially in Jakarta, This is the Total Prize Pool M4 Mobile Legends World Championship!

After giving clue location on the August 17 video upload, Moonton finally officially announced the venue for the M4 Mobile Legends World Championship.

Finally, Indonesia was chosen as the host by taking the location of Jakarta which will be the venue for the highest tournament in the competitive Mobile Legends scene.

This is certainly good news because fans from Indonesia can witness the actions of world-class players firsthand.

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Again, Fight for the Total Prize of US$ 800,000

In addition to announcing the location of the M4 Mobile Legends World Championship, Moonton also said that the tournament this time was still fighting for the same prize pool.

Money of US $ 800,000 or Rp. 11.9 billion will be contested by 16 of the best Mobile Legends teams from around the world.

In addition, the championship trophy will also be presented by one of the best teams who managed to reach the top round while establishing themselves as the strongest Mobile Legends team in the world.

The First Esports Event in 2023

M4 Mobile Legends
Photo via Mobile Legends

Interestingly, the M4 Mobile Legends World Championship will be the first esports tournament in 2023.

The tournament is scheduled to be held on January 1 and will culminate on January 15, 2023.

With the confirmation of the Mobile Legends World Championship as the first esports event in 2023, of course, Mobile Legends will become a mecca for other esports tournaments that year.

So, that’s the complete information about the M4 World Championship. Can’t wait, Spinners?

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