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Official, Genshin Impact Announces Three New Characters Version 3.1!

Official, Genshin Impact Announces Three New Characters Version 3.1!

As usual, ahead of the new version of Genshin Impact, there are always leaks of characters that will be present in the next version.

In this case, ahead of version 3.0 where there are many Sumeru characters released, Genshin Impact has also announced three new characters for version 3.1 later.

Maybe some of you have expectations based on leaks from previous leakers. But of course this is clearer because it has been officially announced by HoYoverse.

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These are the three characters announced by Genshin Impact.


Maybe an anime-style image of text that says 'Judicator of Secrets General Mahamatra HOYO VERSA GENSHIN Ae CYNO'

First there is Cyno, he is rumored to be the Main DPS for the Electro element in Sumeru later.

You may also already know that later on, Dendro will be able to react with only three elements, namely Pyro, Hydro and Electro.

You could say that later Cyno is likely to be quite good when paired with Dendro supports such as Collei and several other Dendro support characters.


Maybe an anime-style image of text that says 'Dance of Lotuslight Star Theater Zubayr HOYO VERSO GENSHIN A NLOU'

Second, there is Nilou who is informed that it has Hydro elements. He is also rumored to be Hydro support for Main DPS Dendro.

It is possible that Nilou will be matched with Tighnari who is the main DPS Dendro which so far he has only been rumored to be the Main DPS Dendro. Maybe in the future there will be another Dendro DPS Main that will be present.


Maybe a text anime styled image

One more character with Hydro element in version 3.1 later. It’s possible that this character is only a 4-star character. The good news is of course you can get this beautiful character that can be said to be like Cleopatra more easily.

Judging from the looks of it, it was likely that he would use a Polearm weapon with the Shielder ability. It’s interesting to wait for the Shielder character from the Hydro element, so far there has been no Shielder for this one element.

What do you think about the new character leaks for the upcoming version? Make you skip version 3.0 later? Or do you choose to skip banner 3.1 in the future? The author himself had leaked from the start that Nilou really wanted to get it. So, it seems the Tighnari and 3.0 banners will be skipped.

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