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OB36 Free Fire Social Land Mode, More FF Friendships!

Free Fire released a lot of great updates which of course we shouldn’t miss at all. Even the presence of a Free Fire OB36 Social Land Mode, a place to add more FF Friendships than before. Of course, this is a place that is quite fun too, so you won’t be bored when you play it.

Because indeed with several updates that have appeared now, there will be more and more we can do. Especially with the events that have appeared now, it will definitely be even more exciting with something new later.

Especially the presence of the September 2022 Free Fire Server Advance Date, which provides many new updates that make preparations as well. Because this new event will also be easier, and we can try it right away if you want to do it too.

Especially for the OB36 Social Land Free Fire Mode, you can try it yourself right now. Because with the presence of the Social Media Mode, you can immediately get a lot of new things which will turn out to be more exciting and very diverse.

Mode Social Land Free Fire OB36

The presence of a FF OB36 Social Land Mode, it turns out that it will bring up a relaxing place that players can enter freely. Of course, with the emergence of the Social Land Mode, we can get it in the initial selection section, so that later we can directly enter here.

OB36 Free Fire Social Land Mode, More FF Friendships!

It is certain that the presence of the Social Land Mode will bring familiarity to every player here and try it immediately. Even the presence of a new event like this really makes us even more excited to do it too.

If I see Esports on the Advance Server September 2022, then this will be released as soon as possible on the upcoming OB36. The mode will be in its own place and different from the Training Mode of course. Even in this place, it turns out that there is a soccer field and you can play ball too.

So with the emergence of the OB36 Free Fire Social Land Mode, make sure the players are more relaxed than usual. Of course, the theme will make your friendship more intimate, and find friends that we really want to get later.

Along with the presence of Pet Fang The Wolf Free Fire, you can explore this place together to relax for sure. It will give a fairly diverse picture, so that when you lose the main rank you can relax more here later.