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No Need to Leave Groups, Here's How To Turn Off Annoying Whatsapp Group Message Notifications

How to turn off notification of incoming messages in whatsapp group – By using the whatsapp application we can easily communicate with other people. Because in WhatsApp, we can not only communicate personally, but communication can also be done with many people in a group on WhatsApp.

As we know that the group feature on WhatsApp is also very popular and almost every WhatsApp user is a member of a WhatsApp group. And usually WhatsApp groups are created for a specific purpose such as a community or a specific project.

If you join the whatsapp group, there are many benefits or positive sides that we can get. Such as for example for the association of fellow communities, business, or for interaction in carrying out daily activities.

How to Turn Off Annoying Whatsapp Group Message Notifications
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Apart from the positive side, if you join a group on WhatsApp, it can sometimes cause some problems or disturbances. Because the number of members in the group is large and active in communicating, sometimes notification messages that enter the WhatsApp group will often appear. So this will cause a noisy sound on our cellphones when not muted. Especially if we are focused on opening other applications, message notifications from WhatsApp will greatly interfere with our activities.

Well, as a solution, it turns out that we can eliminate voice notifications and also notifications when there are new messages that enter the WhatsApp group, you know. And the way to turn off notifications in the whatsapp group when there is an incoming message is to mute message notifications in the whatsapp group. Thus, when a message enters the group, the message notification and sound will not sound. So that we can use this step as a convenient way so as not to be disturbed without having to leave the WhatsApp group.

Yups, instead of being curious about how to turn off annoying message notifications from whatsapp groups. Then it’s better to make the settings on your WhatsApp as follows:

  • First of all what you need to do is open your whatsapp application and then select one group which you want to turn off the notification.
  • If you have specified the group, please click on the three icons point on the top right corner and after that then select mute notifications. For more details, please see the image below.
How to Turn Off Annoying Whatsapp Group Message Notifications
  • In this option you will be able to choose the length of time it takes to turn off notifications.
  • The next step is to remove the check mark in the Show notifications section and click ok.

Notes : If you put a check mark on show notification, the notification will still appear but there is no sound.

How to Turn Off Annoying Whatsapp Group Message Notifications
  • Done. And now you will see changes to the groups that you have turned off the notification by muting it earlier crossed out speaker mark. Where this shows that the group conversations that you have have been disabled from incoming notifications. And even though you can still send messages to groups on WhatsApp, you now don’t have to worry about being disturbed by notifications coming from WhatsApp groups.`

How to Turn Off Annoying Whatsapp Group Message Notifications

OK, that’s it how to turn off message notification from whatsapp group. Hopefully it can be useful for you and if you like, then don’t forget to share this article with your other friends. Thank you for visiting and see you in the next article post.