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No need for Natalia's ban, just pick these 3 Jungler OP Mobile Legends

Still on Natalia? You don’t need spinners, you just have to pick the following 3 jungler op heroes in Mobile Legends, effective for countering them.

After getting a buff some time ago, Natalia is now back in the meta game. But unfortunately Natalia became more often in the ban than in the pick.

Now about that, actually you don’t need to bother banning this one hero, you just have to pick one of the following 3 jungler heroes to fight Natalia.

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Yi Sun Shin

The reason YSS is M2's favorite jungler
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First, there is Yi Sun Shin, who has an ultimate that can track the location of all opposing heroes, making Yss a powerful counter to Natalia.

Natalia finds it difficult to attack using her passive because of Yss’s ultimate, not to mention Yss is also difficult to beat by Natalia because she has skill 1 which is immune and dashes quickly.


Aammon mobile legends
Photo via Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Wiki – Fandom

Then there is Aamon, if Natalia wants to kill Aamon then she has to be careful. Aamon can even kill Natalia by collecting her stack first and boom, you will be hit by a high burst.

Not to mention that Aamon also has good enough mobility to avoid Natalia plus his passive that can disappear is also like Natalia, although not as good as Nata.


Saber mobile legends
Photo via ArtStation

The last one is the most effective, namely Saber, skill 1 Saber can detect Natalia’s presence as well as make herself safe from Natalia’s attack.

100% Natalia will find it difficult to fight enemies who pick Saber jungler because it is Natalia’s main counter.

Those are the three jungler op heroes in Mobile Legends that can overcome Natalia’s abilities, so you don’t have to bother with banning her anymore, spinners.

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