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Nintendo Announces Zelda Tears of The Kingdom, What You Need to Know!

INDOZONE.ID – The sequel to the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild finally got its official name, Tears of the Kingdom.

The game is also confirmed to be launching on May 12, 2023.

The title of the new The Legend of Zelda game was announced by Nintendo through the Direct event which was held last night.

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In the trailer shown, we can also see what the gameplay and the new world that is present in Tears of the Kingdom will look like.

For your information, actually The Legend of Zleda: Tears of the Kingdom was planned to be released in 2022, but was finally postponed to 2023.

The producer, Eiji Aounuma, said that his party decided to postpone the game in order to make the game provide a special experience for players.

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