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Nicknames for Philippine Goldlaners Mobile Legends (ML)

Currently the Mobile Legends tournament is carrying out MPL ID Season 10. A very prestigious tournament for the Mobile Legends community. This time the nickname of the Philippine Goldlaners Mobile Legends (ML).

All players in the tournament certainly want to show their best, not only in Indonesia, but also abroad. The quality of each player is also unquestionable.

This time there are several nicknames for goldlaners from the Philippines. Of course, this is interesting for us to discuss this time in the article, see the following explanation.

Nicknames for Philippine Goldlaners Mobile Legends (ML)

Through his personal YouTube channel, KB, this time he is analyzing the teams in the Philippines in the MPL PH Season 10 tournament. This time he explains some of the nicknames of the Filipino players.

“So, for example, if OHEB is Beatrix, he is afraid of snipers, that’s why he is called Filipino Sniper. If Kelra is feared by a goldlaner who is rich in pool heroes, he is called the Filipino Savage. This EMAN is famous for his shotgun, so the Power Wesker is really scary, I admit it.”

This time, KB explained about several nicknames for gold laners from the Philippines, which are indeed very impressive to fill the Goldlaner role this time.

OHEB is known as a Beatrix player with a pretty terrible sniper usage, and that’s why he was nicknamed the Filipino Sniper.

The player from Smart Omega is also a Goldlaner who can’t be doubted, he is nicknamed the Filipino Savage because of the large pool of heroes for Goldlaner.

Then there is the EMAN player from RSG PH who has the nickname Power Wesker because of the use of the Beatrix hero with his Shotgun who is able to provide skills that can’t be doubted.

Those are some nicknames from goldlaners from the Philippines this time with various abilities and brilliant skills of course. What do you think about that?