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Next Luck Royale FF Spin Leak August 2022 Cool Fist Skin Arrival!

Next Luck Royale FF Spin Leak August 2022 Cool Fist Skin Arrival!

Currently, the Luck Royale Free Fire (FF) spin event has become one of the most awaited and routine events that players have been waiting for.

The reason is, since this event began to be routinely presented, players have the opportunity to have a number of interesting skins and items. Usually, Free Fire brings a number of rare items in this event.

Like several Luck Royales that have been released previously, players have the opportunity to have a Katana skin, Angel pants, Jordan shoes, and a Bandit bundle some time ago.

What’s even more interesting is that this event comes regularly, even up to twice a month. Even though it has just been released, the event will return to welcome the lively event 5th Free Fire Anniversary is currently underway.

For those of you who want to know about the next Luck Royale FF leak in August 2022, let’s look at the leak in the following article, Spinners!

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Next Luck Royale FF Leaks August 2022

Luck Royale keeps on bringing out interesting events. Just had a horrendous time with a series of old Top Criminal skins, this time Luck Royale gave another surprise.

Yep, this event will bring one of the best skins in the fifth anniversary edition of Free Fire, namely the Fist Skin titled Limitless Punch.

Limitless Punch is a special boxing skin in the Free Fire Anniversary edition. Players can get a boxing skin with a Free Fire anniversary design with a pretty cool effect.

According to Kulgar’s YouTube leak, you can get it in the Luck Royale event in a few days by using a number of diamonds to spin.

You can get it by spinning with 9 diamonds for one spin and 99 diamonds for 5 spins.

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That’s a cool gift that you can get in one of the newest Luck Royale. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.