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Next FF Event Leaks August 2022 After Booyah Merdeka, What's Up?

Next FF Event Leaks August 2022 After Booyah Merdeka, What’s Up?

Every time the presence of a new event on Free Fire (FF) is always important news for most players. Besides being able to play the game, the event also promises free skins to players.

No need to bother, players only need to complete a certain number of missions to get special prizes in the event.

Exclusive skin prizes in the form of bundles, gun skins, backpacks, and others, are not impossible to get for free.

Currently, 5th The anniversary in welcoming the anniversary of Free Fire is taking place in front of the players, where this event lasts quite a long time until September.

Several accompanying events continued to accompany the event, such as the Booyah Merdeka which had just ended.

For those of you who want to know the leaks of the next FF event after Booyah Merdeka, let’s see the following information, Spinners!

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Next FF Event After Booyah Merdeka

According to leaks that recently emerged, there are two types of events that will be present in the near future, namely FFML Season VI Division 1 and the Free Fire collaboration with Justin Bieber.

FFML Season VI Division 1 has the greatest possibility to be the next event in the near future.

The reason is, the highest Free Fire esports tournament in the country itself will start on August 28, 2022. As usual, this tournament has always been welcomed in a special event by Garena in the Free Fire game.

Meanwhile, the Free Fire collaboration with Justin Bieber himself is also predicted to be present at the same time, but not in a separate event.

But this collaboration will be present in part 5th Free Fire Anniversary which will still last until September. One of Justin Bieber’s collaborations will later be released in Mystery Shop part 2.

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That’s information about the next Free Fire event that will be coming in the near future! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.