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New Updates! Here's How To Show All Sticker Collections On Whatsapp

How to show all sticker collection in whatsapp – Recently, WhatsApp has been enlivened by the presence of a new feature, namely in the form of unique and funny cartoon stickers. Of course this will make the chat feel more exciting and also more expressive because whenever and wherever we can make our conversations on WhatsApp livelier and not monotonous. Of course, WhatsApp users must update or update the latest WhatsApp version first to use this feature.
  How to Show All Sticker Collections On Whatsapp

Even the WhatsApp application itself provides users with customizing their own stickers from photos! So, for those of you who are curious about how to make stickers from photos, please read the previous article about Easy Ways to Make Whatsapp Stickers With Our Own Photos.Thus, it is guaranteed that your daily life will be more expressive and you will not be bored with these contemporary stickers.

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OK, back to the original topic. For those of you who are curious about how to display all the stickers and also use them, please follow the steps below:

  • First, please update the latest version of the WhatsApp application.
Show All Sticker Collections On Whatsapp

  • Then if you have, please open a conversation to display all the stickers.
  • Then you can choose sticker icon which is in the lower left corner. Then select the one next to the GIF icon. For more details, please see the image below.

How to Show All Sticker packs On Whatsapp
  • Then to display all the existing sticker collections, you can choose plus icon in the right corner. That way you will see categorized stickers, namely all stickers and also my sticker.All stickers shows 12 categories of sticker packs that you can download package.Next my sticker shows the type of sticker pack that you have downloaded.

How To Show All Stickers On Whatsapp

  • In addition, if you think the sticker category is lacking, then you can also add and download it again in the sticker store, for that, please scroll down until you find GET MORE STICKERS.
How to make stickers on the latest whatsapp

  • Thus, you will be able to directly download or choose the type of sticker you want.

Good luck, hopefully useful

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