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New Free Fire (FF) Audio Balance Features

Free Fire has released a lot of cool latest updates for you to try and see now. So now there will be Free Fire’s Latest Audio Balance Feature (FF), so it looks more modern and easy to use. This will be the latest update which is good enough to use later.

There are still many good things that we can try right away, so that we can immediately find out about them later. Because it’s still a good opportunity too, so that players will be even more excited to play it.

Then for the September 2022 Free Fire Advance Server List, there are indeed many new things from here, you have to try it first. Test anything that appears on the server so that when you play, you will immediately understand the update.

Then for the presence of the latest audio balance feature this time. Of course, this is interesting for us to discuss this time further in the article below, see below.

Free Fire’s Latest Audio Balance (FF) Features

In the latest OB36 update, you will have the latest feature this time, namely audio balance. This feature serves to adjust the volume of the music and sound effects provided.

Of course, this will really help you later to adjust the sound in the Free Fire game to be able to focus more later when playing the game.

The latest feature is also quite easy to use later without having to be more detailed and complicated like other settings.

That’s an explanation of the latest audio balance feature that is present this time. what do you think about the latest feature this time?