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Mystery Character OB36 Can Free Fire (FF) Fast Movement – ​​Esportsku

Free Fire releases many new updates that will appear and are already in the game. Then like the Mystery Character OB36 Can Free Fire (FF) Flash Movement, you can also know it as a strong character. Because not many people know about its appearance itself, so we have to wait for it.

There are a lot of events that appear in the Free Fire game itself, which will definitely give a lot of main prizes. Especially when they have completed certain challenges, all of the new items provided can be used when competing if you want.

Then the appearance of an Advance Server September 2022 Free Fire is indeed interesting, because there are many new things from here. Both from character updates or weapons, even a new feature system that will make you even more enthusiastic about playing it.

Just like Mystery Character OB36 Can Free Fire (FF) Flash Movement, a new power that you can use to fight. Even the skill of this character is quite rapid, so we have another chance to use the skill smoothly.

Mystery Character OB36 Can Free Fire (FF) Lightning Movement

The presence of a Mystery Character OB36 Can Move Quickly to help Free Fire players deal with enemies easily. So by doing a movement like this it will really help, so we will also be easy when doing the right attack with this skill strategy.

Mystery Character OB36 Can Free Fire (FF) Lightning Movement

You will soon receive the September 2022 Advance Server New Update, make sure you have it soon. Because with its appearance now, it will be a new gift that you can immediately play as well to try it now.

The appearance of the Mystery Character Can Quick Movement has a skill called Rebel Rush, which will help players advance very quickly. Of course, Lightning Moves will help players avoid enemy attacks easily.

Rebel Rush skill will make us move forward quickly for 0.5 seconds. Has a cooldown of 40 seconds, we can use this skill up to 2 times with a cooldown distance of 5 seconds. So I can say that my Esports character has high Agility for you to use later.

The appearance of a Mystery Character OB36 Can Fast Movement FF, you can immediately understand his abilities right now. Of course, if you use this new character during a match, you can confuse the enemy with fast movements so that the aim becomes chaotic.

Then also collect the Activation Code and Download Advance Server September 2022, immediately Free Fire players will try this. So that you can try it right away if you want to have this gift and use it well.