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Mobile Legends (ML) Geek Fam Team Update Transfer

MPL ID Season 10 this time has entered its 5th week. There has been a roster change with the transfer update this time. Like this time the Geek Fam Team (ML) Update Transfer.

The Geek Fam team itself has not shown maximum results this time. Previously they had made many changes to their roster.

This time Geek Fam Indonesia also re-transferred their player updates for MPL ID Season 10. Of course, this is quite interesting for us to discuss this time, see the explanation below.

Mobile Legends (ML) Geek Fam Team Update Transfer

Through the official social media account post from Geekfamid, this time they have updated again for the transfer of players, namely with Adam who was relegated to MDL with Geek Fam JR this time.

Previously, Adam was officially promoted to Geek Fam along with Renesmee for MPL ID Season 10 just before week 3 some time ago. But this time Adam had to be demoted back to MDL along with Geek Fam JR.

The Geek Fam team themselves in MPL this time have made many changes to their roster such as Rupture, Manskuyy and Hanz which had to be relegated to MDL in the first few weeks of the season.

Of course, this is to give encouragement to their team, which is currently in a slump, being the caretaker of the standings at rank 8 of the regular season MPL ID Season 10. And with this change, it is also hoped that the team will produce results later.

That’s the explanation of the update transfer carried out by the Geek Fam team this time. what do you think about the transfer of updates for Adam this time to MDL?