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Mobile Legends Awakening Dragon Knight Event, Become an ML Hero!

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try now. Even the presence of the Dragon Knight Rise Event in Mobile Legends, you can just complete the mission. Because with the best main prize, so that you can immediately complete each mission well.

Especially with some new missions and prizes for you to have right now. Because the missions that appear in the Mobile Legends game are increasing, as well as a good opportunity for players to play all the tasks that already exist now.

Then for the Mobile Legends x Kung Fu Panda Collaboration, it is a good opportunity for players to play the mission. Because there are lots of new things that you can really find, and feel for yourself when you do that in the game.

Then there is the Mobile Legends Dragon Knight Rise Event, Be a Hero to help the team win. Even some of the new Rewards that you can get immediately after completing the Mission if you already know.

Event of the Dragon Knight Rise in Mobile Legends (ML)

The Dragon Knight Rise Event in Mobile Legends will appear on September 26 – September 5, 2022 which will come. All of you who have seen this will now receive a Mission so you can get some cool rewards from the place now.

Of course with this emerging mission, the owner of the Kung Fu Panda Skin Mobile Legends is here to accompany players to practice. Of course, with the Risen Dragon Knight himself, you can directly play the mission, how it is and everything is easy.

  • Dragon Warrior Po: Game Login For 7 Days.
  • Lord Shen: Play 15 Times Rank or Classic Match.
  • General Kai: Mabar with Friends 8 Times.

Players will get every mission from the three characters, so you have to complete all of them if you want to get the prize. If the problem of prizes is not too much, but this is still profitable for the player if you really want to have the item.

Then the emergence of the Dragon Knight Rise ML Event, we’ll just finish it with friends and be diligent in logging in. Only then will you all receive the prize immediately, it will even be profitable for the player.

Then for the presence of the Kung Fu Panda Skin Price in Mobile Legends, you must know all of this right now. Because there are lots of new prizes that you can get right away in this game right now.