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Mobazane Says Why Dlar Was Replaced by Mobile Legends (ML)

Currently, the MPL ID Season 10 Tournament will enter its fourth week of matches. It’s been 4 weeks since MPL ID Season 10 has been held this time. the following Mobazane mentions why Dlar was replaced by Mobile Legends (ML)

Exciting matches occur every week at MPL Arena. All players give their best, of course, for the team they are defending. The competition is getting more exciting from each team.

This time, the American player, Mobazane, gave his opinion on why Dlar was replaced by Pendragon in the match in the third week yesterday. Of course it is interesting for us to discuss this time, see the following explanation.

Mobazane Says Why Dlar Was Replaced by Mobile Legends (ML)

Through a livestream on his personal YouTube channel, MobaZane, this time the jungler from BTK gave his opinion on why Dlar was replaced with Pendragon while playing in the third week of MPL ID Season 10.

“Language barrier is a major problem, even Dlar had that problem which is why he was replaced by Pendragon. The language barrier is a very difficult thing.”

According to Mobazane the language barrier is the thing that might make Dlar replaced with Pendragon this time. he also mentioned that if he wanted to join the Indonesian team, he had to overcome the language problem, which was the main thing.

Mobazane is often rumored to be joining the Indonesian team after the M4 World Championship. But with the language barrier, of course he considered the problem.

That’s the explanation of why Dlar was replaced according to Mobazane this time. Do you think you agree with what Dlar said?