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Mirko Hopes This Team Will Win MPL Mobile Legends (ML)

This time the MPL ID Season 10 Tournament will enter its fourth week of matches. It’s been 4 weeks since the Mobile Legends tournament has been running. Many things happened during the tournament. This time Mirko Expects This Team to Win MPL Mobile Legends (ML)

Currently MPL ID Season 10 has entered the half season for the Mobile Legends tournament. Only half way to go for them to advance to the playoffs.

This time there is caster Mirko expecting this team to win MPL ID Season 10. Of course this is interesting for us to discuss this time, see the following article for an explanation.

Mirko Expects This Team to Win MPL Mobile Legends (ML)

Through Mirko’s YouTube channel, in his livestream this time, the MPL ID caster wants a team that has never won a championship title for MPL to be able to become champions in Season 10 this time.

“I hope for the team that has never won MPL ID who can win later, I want to see the team that has not received a trophy can get a trophy.”

This time Mirko gave his response regarding which team will win the MPL champion this time, stating that it is a team that has never won MPL before. In addition, he also gave an opinion about who will be in the Grand Final.

“Septemberbe RRQ ONIC, actually I don’t want RRQ ONIC, I want to be like AURA Alter Ego, BTR Alter Ego, BTR AURA and others, which are different.”

Of course, if we look back, there are only a few teams that have won MPL such as NXL, RRQ, ONIC, Evos. Besides that, no one has ever won MPL ID.

That’s the explanation of Mirko who hopes that a team that has never won MPL can get the title of champion this season. What do you think about what Mirko said?