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Meta MPL that you shouldn't try to rank!

Meta MPL that you shouldn’t try to rank!

MPL has started, both in Indonesia, the Philippines and also Malaysia. MPL certainly brings a lot of meta to try.

You can learn the heroes that are used to be applied when playing rank matches.

But it turns out that not all meta can be used and you should avoid it because it is too risky and can backfire if the execution is wrong. What meta do you think about the meta that has been played so far in MPL?

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Nathan Jungler

First there is the meta from the AURA Fire team that was just used against EVOS Legends. Actually, AURA Fire has successfully used this meta in MPL, but seeing that Natan’s hero is not like it used to be, we suggest not to use this meta first.

You need to fulfill various conditions, especially if you play as a solo player. You need at least two strong sidelaners as body resistance so you can be comfortable farming. Of course, communication is very important, especially if your opponent picks Natalia, you can easily be stopped.

Natalia Jungler

Second Natalia Jungler. Indeed, the new Mobile Legends patch seems to give Natalia a chance as a jungler. It’s not impossible, but it’s quite risky to use this hero as a jungler, you better use it as a roamer to target your opponent’s backline and get excess profits.

This meta was indeed used by the M3 Blacklist International champion recently at MPL PH Season 10 and was successful.

That’s the MPL meta that you shouldn’t try to rank, it can make you lose if it’s not executed properly. It’s a good idea to learn more and take a look at the existing examples before trying it out. It is recommended to try first on Classic Match or custom.

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