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Meet the Manager Program Make EA SPORTS FIFA MOBILE Fans Dream Come True Meet Shin Tae-yong!

The Meet the Manager event organized by EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile has officially ended. Two lucky participants have been selected as winners to meet in person with Coach Shin Tae-yong (STY) who is the coach of the Indonesian National Team.

They are Ibn Tsani El Haq from Lamongan, East Java, and Fahmi from Cipinang, East Jakarta. STY himself was very happy to meet the winner of Meet the Manager from the EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile Indonesia community.

This moment revealed the unique side of the winners of the event where Ibnu Tsani was visiting Jakarta for the first time and was very excited to meet STY, even kissing her hands.

Meanwhile, Fahmi, who works as an online motorcycle taxi driver, is willing to leave orders all day to be able to meet his idol, STY, who has only been able to see it from the screen or from a distance in the stadium.

In that moment, STY gave many explanations about the tactics or patterns of play that he usually uses for the Red and White National Team. In addition, the winners of the Meet the Manager and STY events also played with the Manager Mode from EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile while explaining the tactics chosen in the game.

Coach Shin Tae-yong also hopes that in the future Indonesian football fans can continue to support the Indonesian national team regardless of the outcome in a supportive culture without any physical attacks or harsh criticism, especially for young players.

“Protests from supporters are always justified, especially when the team’s performance is not good and become constructive input in analyzing problems – so we can avoid the same problem,” said Coach Shin Tae-yong appreciating the fans.

“Download FIFA Mobile now and play football anytime, anywhere,” concluded Shin Tae-yong ending the Meet The Manager session.