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Mage Mobile Legends Items Will Be Buffed Soon, So Sell Hard Later?

Mage Mobile Legends Items Will Be Buffed Soon, So Sell Hard Later?

In addition to buff heroes, buff items are often done by Mobile Legends. Of course this is often done so that the items used are not the same.

Like this item, which is actually quite situational, its use is not always a priority.

However, future changes seem to be able to make this item one of the mandatory items for several heroes in Mobile Legends.

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Glowing Wand Effect in Revamp and Get Buff

Glowing Wand Buff
source: YT VY Gaming
  • Revamp: This skill burns the target for 3 seconds, dealing 1.5% of their Max HP as Magic Damage every second and increasing their Magic Damage by 5 (up to 6 stacks).

So, it’s quite different from before because now the skill from Glowing Wand not only burns the target but increases magic damage to the user up to 6 stacks, you could say the maximum stack will be worth 30.

Of course that value is quite large and makes the follow-up attack from the hero who uses the Glowing Wand will be strong enough.

Usually the Glowing Wand is only used for additional burning effects so that the passive or skills of the heroes used continue to be active on their opponents.

Now the effect is really improved so of course this item can be one of the strong items that can be used for various situations.

What do you think about the changes to the Glowing Wand Mage Item in Mobile Legends that will be buffed? Will it sell hard in the meta later or not?

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