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Luminaire Predicts 2 Top MPL Mobile Legends (ML) Teams

MPL ID Season 10 has been running for 5 weeks. There was a lot of excitement and surprise during the tournament. Like this time Luminaire Predicts 2 Top MPL Mobile Legends (ML) Teams

With the completion of the half season for MPL ID Season 10 this time, several teams have shown their best performance. With the meeting of each team this time, it may be seen who will be predicted to win.

Like this time Luminaire gave his predictions for the top 2 MPL teams. Of course, this is interesting for us to discuss this time in the article, see the following explanation.

Luminaire Predicts 2 Top MPL Mobile Legends (ML) Teams

Through Livestream on Ihsan Luminaire’s personal YouTube channel, who at that time he was livestreaming with the VP of Evos Esports, Aldean Tegar. This time, Luminaire gave his opinion on the predictions of the top 2 MPL teams this time as seen in the livestream 1:14:53.

“Top 3 AURA, ONIC, who is the other one? Top 2 is AURA ONIC.”

According to Luminaire, this time he predicts 2 teams that will top MPL this time, namely AURA and ONIC. As we know, these 2 teams are currently performing quite well during MPL ID Season 10.

That’s the explanation of Luminaire predicting the top 2 teams for MPL this time. What do you think about what Luminaire said? Do you agree with that?