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Lucky Crate Free Fire (FF) Site Offers Free Bundles and Cobra Skins, Is It Original?

Lucky Crate Free Fire (FF) Site Offers Free Bundles and Cobra Skins, Is It Original?

Free Fire (FF) has become a very popular game among children to teenagers, even not a few adults who also play this battle royale game.

Seeing the demand for the capacity needed by the game, it’s no wonder why Free Fire has become so popular. In fact, this game has become a subscription to the most downloaded application on Android.

The majority of Free Fire players who are still underage and teenagers also have an impact on the skins and game items offered. Those who still depend on snacks given by their parents, of course, have not been able to buy Free Fire skin items at will.

So, many players take the initiative to find alternatives for this. There are those who take part in free events, to exchange redeem codes. Unfortunately, some of them actually use forbidden means.

One of them is by accessing sites from third parties such as Lucky Crate Free Fire (FF) which we will discuss in the following article!

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Lucky Crate Free Fire (FF)

Cobra Spin FF Skin Event Cobra Fist

Lucky Crate is actually a site that offers Free Fire players the opportunity to have skin items and bundles for free. Unmitigated, they even offer some rare skins.

The site itself is currently known to be unavailable, aka blocked. When we tried to visit the site, there was no sign that they were offering the stated prizes.

Is it Original?

Lucky Crate Free Fire
Website address is not secure

this site not official from Garena Free Fire. So, for those of you who are wondering if Lucky Crate FF is an output from Garena, then the answer is no!

Garena alone not true players use sites or applications from third parties. Most likely an application like this is considered illegal and violates the rules of Garena, it could be an account Your FF is banned permanently because it is considered to use Cheat or Hack.

Considering Free Fire’s increasing security system, Garena has no mercy and has banned accounts that have been proven to have cheated, such as using this third-party site.

Moreover, until now it is not known who is responsible for the site, and does not have a clear web address.

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That’s information about a site that is being sought after by Free Fire players lately. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.