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Lost Social Media Player Account Evos Mobile Legends (ML) Increases

Passing the third week of the MPL ID Season 10 Tournament. Of course, there were a lot of exciting events in the third week with yesterday’s El Clasico match. This time the Evos Mobile Legends (ML) Social Media Player Account Lost is Added

Previously, the top executive from Evos Legends, DeanKT this time asked their players to deactivate their social media accounts. This is of course because their player, Sutsujin, has lost his Instagram account after the El Clasico match.

But in fact the social accounts of the Evos Legends players have disappeared one by one. We will discuss this this time which is quite interesting, of course, see the explanation in the following article.

Lost Social Media Player Account Evos Mobile Legends (ML) Increases

Through Aldean Tegar’s official Instagram account, evos.luch, this time he has confirmed who the missing Instagram accounts are from Evos Legends players.

As seen in DeanKT’s Instagram story post which reads that the Instagram social media accounts of Evos Legends players are missing, they are added after Sutsujin this time there are DreamS, Crite, pendragon.

But for Dlar, Tazz and Aji they have already secured by the Evos itself for safekeeping beforehand. Previously, the Evos official asked to deactivate the social media accounts of the Evos Legends players after the incident where Sutsujin’s IG disappeared.

That’s the explanation about the missing social media accounts from Evos Legends players this time. What do you think about that?