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Login At This Date To Get Free Kung Fu Panda Skin from MLBB!

Login At This Date To Get Free Kung Fu Panda Skin from MLBB!

Mobile Legends has finally officially collaborated with the legendary American animated series, Kungfu Panda.

Through this collaboration, there will be various skins that will have the feel of Kungfu Panda that you can use in the Land of Dawn.

Some of them are Lord Shen skins for Ling, Po for Akai and General Kai for Thamuz.

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Can be obtained for free

Free Kung Fu Panda Skins
Photo via Mobile Legends Update

Of course, to be able to get all these skins, a lot of diamonds are needed.

But you don’t need to worry because you can have the opportunity to get the skin for free.

The reason is, you only need to log in on the August 20 to pre-order to get one ticket to do free gacha at the MLBB x Kungfu Panda event.

In addition, you are also required to log in on 27 August in the future to be able to get other free tickets to increase your chances of getting Kungfu Panda skins for free.

Therefore, here are the total free tickets that you can get on August 27, 2022.

  • Login to Game – 1 Jade Ticket
  • Any Diamond Top-up- 2 Jade Tickets
  • Top-up 100 Diamond – 3 Jade Tickets
  • Top-up 250 Diamond – 4 Jade Tickets
  • Use 100 Diamonds – 2 Jade Tickets
  • Use 250 Diamonds – 3 Jade Tickets

If you successfully complete all the commands above, then you will get 15 tickets that you can use for free to do gacha.

You yourself will certainly get a free Kungfu Panda skin, namely Thamuz “General Kai” when you have done 10 times gacha.

So, that’s how to get a free Kungfu Panda skin from Mobile Legends that you must know, Spinners!

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