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Leonardo DiCaprio Approaches Gigi Hadid, 25 Age Curse Anomaly? page all – Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be aggressively approaching Gigi Hadid.

Star Titanic he often spent time with the supermodel while in New York.

Bella Hadid’s sister is indeed busy with the New York Fashion Week schedule in the city, while the Oscar winner does have private property there.

Actually, the two have known each other since some time ago because they have the same circle of friends.

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It’s just that lately they’ve been going out together more often, including when attending a party held by a friend in Soho last weekend.

“Leo is with his male friends and Gigi is with his model friends and they’re all hanging out at one table,” the source was quoted as saying. Page Six.

However, during the event, the two superstars looked intimate, so the news about their romance became more widespread.

The 47-year-old man did not even hesitate to put his hand on his shoulder and stroke the hair of the Palestinian supermodel.

However, the same source said that the two are slowly exploring their new relationship.

Moreover, the actor also recently broke up with Camilla Morrone after dating for four years.

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The news about Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationship with Gigi Hadid is quite surprising to the public.

The reason is, Kate Winslet’s best friend is known for her taste, which often chooses a partner who is less than 25 years old and still single.

While Gigi herself is 27 years old and has one child, the result of a previous relationship with Zayn Malik.

is brand ambassador This Tommy Hilfiger will be an anomaly for the romance of a Leonardo Dicaprio?

We are waiting for the answer..

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