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Leaked Elite Pass Season 52 Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has released a lot of very cool latest updates for you to try playing. The presence of an Elite Pass Season 52 Free Fire (FF) Leak is also present, you can have a variety of cool prizes. So we are also certainly interested in getting ready to have it if it does appear.

There are a lot of events that are present in the Free Fire game itself, so make sure you check it out first. Missions that appear and must be completed by the players themselves, so that they can receive this main prize very easily and use it when competing later.

Then for the presence of the Free Fire Cool Name, make sure you know it first. Choose which one is suitable and according to your taste for the name, even providing a good provision and the player can use it well.

Especially for the presence of the Elite Pass Season 52 Free Fire (FF) Leak, a bundle appearance that also looks really cool. It will make your character more interesting when you use the gifts from this feature now and you won’t miss it at all.

Leaked Elite Pass Season 52 Free Fire (FF)

The emergence of a Leaked Elite Pass Season 52 Free Fire turns out to be carrying the theme of the Predator of the Ocean, you certainly know Megalodon. An ancient giant shark that is very large, even as the most ferocious predatory fish to finish off its target that is present in this game right now.

The presence of 2 new bundles with the names Megafin Taunter and Megajaw Tormetor, is the main prize that we can receive. Being a very cool appearance for players to have, will be something very special for us to see in the game.

Leaked Elite Pass Season 52 Free Fire (FF)

The appearance of the Cowo Megajaw Tormetor Free Fire Bundle is very cool, even if it is a barbarian character who uses it while playing. Because he has silver hair with a navy blue water effect color, black red eyes face, sharp claws and tooth mask.

Part of the outfit also does look like a shark’s skin, it’s more dominant to get the color when you use it. Even on some sides of this bundle, there is a sharp tooth owned by the Megalodon Sharks that are very made.

Then for the presence of Megafin Taunter as a Bundle of the female character, she has long silver and purple hair when the player uses it. Even the theme itself is still the same, but this part of his face doesn’t show the shark’s teeth which are actually in the jacket.

The color that carries the theme of dark purple, and this is like a shark’s skin which is quite deep into the furthest sea. The appearance is really cool and really good, it’s really suitable if you use it when competing.

Because indeed from the presence of an Elite Pass Season 52 leak, we will see a clear theme from the two bundles. A power of a Megalodon Primordial Shark will appear, eliminating all enemies with a very easy hit.

Especially for some of the Effects that will appear when you use the Bundle, it will be something special from the Elite Pass this time. It’s no wonder to make it a cool main prize, so that players become more familiar with all of it.

After knowing the Elite Pass Season 52 Free Fire (FF) Leak, you won’t be confused about it later. Just play and have the bundle if you really want to get the features after doing the existing tasks.

Then by looking at the Order of Elite Pass Season 1 Until Now Free Fire, makes us even more curious to have it. It looks cool and good, you will definitely like it and want to have it if it appears again.