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Leaked Display of MLBB x Saint Seiya Collaboration, Like this?

Leaked Display of MLBB x Saint Seiya Collaboration, Like this?

The latest collaboration in Mobile Legends is rumored to be with Saint Seiya, an old Japanese anime that was quite famous at its time.

Anime lovers may be familiar with this one old anime. Because it has many iconic characters which are certainly very familiar with their skills.

After previous leaks said that some heroes will become collaboration skins. This time, SPIN Esports got a leaked appearance of this Saint Seiya collaboration skin.

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Seiya – Badang (MLBB x Saint Seiya)

source: ig @dbz_mlbb

First, there is the Badang hero who is rumored to have collaborated with Seiya. The appearance itself will wear a Gold Saint costume. We know Seiya has repeated fists like Badang. I can’t wait to see the in-game display, from the wallpaper, it’s really cool.

Shiryu – Chou

source: ig @dbz_mlbb

Next there is Chou who is rumored to be Shiryu. Shiryu himself has a signature move Rozan Ko Ryu Ha which punches his opponent into the sky. It’s interesting to see that Chou’s combo will be wrapped in Shiryu’s skin from Saint Seiya.

Ikki – Valir

source: ig @dbz_mlbb

Finally, there is Ikki the Phoenix who is said to be a Valir skin. We know what they have in common is a fire attack. Of course Valir is best suited to be Ikki. Ikki also has a power-up that fits perfectly with Valir’s Ultimate.

That’s what the MLBB x Saint Seiya collaboration skin looks like. We don’t know when it will be here, maybe soon after MLBB x Kungfu Panda is here because we know that Mobile Legends has been intensively bringing collaborations, starting from Sanrio, Transformers, Star Wars and the latest Kungfu Panda.

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