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Lawless Bandit Bundle FF Becomes Next Diamond Royale, Here's How To Get It!

Lawless Bandit Bundle FF Becomes Next Diamond Royale, Here’s How To Get It!

Diamond Royale is one of the Luck Royale that is popular among players, especially old players. The reason is, this event has quite lost its prestige since the new uterine type events were presented.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you should just miss this event. It’s fair to say that Diamond Royale has been disappointing in its recent appearances.

However, you need to see the bundle that will fill the Diamond Royale tab that will be present below. As we have previously leaked, the bundle has a fairly popular name.

For those of you who are curious about how to get the Lawless Bandit Bundle FF on Diamond Royale, let’s see the following information!

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Lawless Bandit Bundle FF

Lawless Bandit Bundle FF
Source: Free Fire World

Lawless Bandit is a couple girl bundle from Rowdy Searuler, which we previously leaked as the bundle that will fill the Diamond Royale this time.

It’s not like the name that most Free Fire players know that the Bandit bundle is Top Criminal, Lawless Bandit has a different theme from that.

This bundle shows the figure of a girl who wears clothes like a punk kid with her hair, besides that she also has a costume like a half-robot.

The display of the bundle is rumored to be coming soon starting tomorrow, August 26, 2022, replacing the Diamond Royale bundle which is still available today.

Like the usual Diamond Royale, Lawless Bandit requires 50 diamonds for one spin or it can be with 1 diamond royale voucher. Meanwhile, for larger multiples, 11x Spin requires 500 Diamond or 10x Diamond Royale Ticket.

Every time you spin, you are not only presented with the main prize of the Lawless Bandit bundle, of course you can also have the opportunity to get other attractive prizes such as the Magic Cube.

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That’s information about the Lawless Bandit bundle that will be present at the latest Diamond Royale Free Fire. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.