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LATEST!! How to Make CCTV From Android Phone

How to Make CCTV From Android Phone – CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television is a digital video camera that serves as a tool to transmit video signals from a certain location to a monitor screen. And CCTV is very useful as a tool for security or to monitor / monitor a location.

The price of CCTV itself is quite expensive, but if you just want to record activities or make moments from your friends. For example, if you want to know what your friends do when you are not around or other things.

It is enough to only use one android smartphone and one PC / Laptops. But if you don’t have a computer, you can also only use 2 Android smartphones, one for the CCTV camera and the other for the CCTV recorder/monitor.
So besides you prepare an android phone or computer or laptop. You have to download an additional software, the software we use is only used on phones that we want to use as CCTV, in the monitoring section there is no need to download additional software anymore. You can download an application called IP webcam, this application is available on the Playstore application. And this IP webcam application is not a paid application or it’s free.

Furthermore, if you have downloaded the application webcam ipopen then install like any application in general.
webcam ip

After it is installed, open the IP webcam, then drag it until the bottom menu looks for the start server menu as shown in the image below.

start server

then click there, there will be an IP address for your webcam. So please note or just remember what the IP address is contained in the start menu of the server. Look at the ip address in the red lined box in the image below.

ip address
You also need to remember the condition is to turn on your android mobile hotspot. Then turn on your laptop’s wifi to connect to the smartphone. and if it is connected to a network then you can only do this step.

Then on your PC or Android that you want to use as a CCTV monitor. Please open the browser and click the IP address name listed on the start server earlier. For example I use the example ip with then enter. You can open the browser via google chrome or with mozilla firefox. Free is up to you.

If you have entered the IP, you will be redirected to the IP webcam menu so you can set it according to your needs or desires, both from display, audio, camera and record and many more features that you can use. You can adjust according to your own needs.
cctv settings

As a result, this is what CCTV looks like from an Android smartphone. The results of the cctv camera depend on each of your cellphone specs, yes. The better the features of your cellphone, the clearer and clearer the results of the cctv camera will be. And also your internet connection network must also be strong and stable.

cctv results