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Latest Hanabi Mobile Legends Revamp Leaks, Will it be the OP?

Latest Hanabi Mobile Legends Revamp Leaks, Will it be the OP?

If you open Mobile Legends, of course you will get a notification about the skill leak from the Hanabi revamp.

Hanabi will indeed get a revamp after Reforge Your Legend before she became a champion and was entitled to a revamp from Mobile Legends.

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But indeed this is not immediately because many other heroes get revamped first.

Hanabi Revamp . Leaks

It seems that Hanabi will soon get the revamp because you can see the leaks as follows.

source: Mobile Legends

First there is a change in passive. Now the passive is no longer getting a shield to be free from CC but getting skill 1 effect permanently.

That’s right, this way you don’t need to turn it on and off, but the effect of Hanabi’s bounce basic attack is always active.

source: Mobile Legends

Even better, this passive can be triggered by other skills not only from basic attacks. It’s interesting to see what happens next.

source: Mobile Legends

The ultimate will certainly be stronger with the permanent bounce effect of Hanabi’s passive. This will make it easier for Hanabi to deal damage to her opponents later.

It’s just like that the leak from the Hanabi Mobile Legends revamp. It seems that there will still be some changes and the presence of this revamp is also not known for sure when.

Because for Project NEXT September 2022, it will be confirmed that only Lesley and Gusion will be present.

Maybe we still have to wait for the next NEXT project for the arrival of Hanabi, who may also be present with several other heroes.

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