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Latest Faded Wheel FF August 2022, Bring Skywing Skin and Arrow Animation!

Latest Faded Wheel FF August 2022, Bring Skywing Skin and Arrow Animation!

Free Fire (FF) already has a lot of cool skin items, but not all skin items are released specifically. The latest skin series itself is always released, and some items get their own charm for players to have.

Of these items, there are skin items that are interesting to have, namely the Skywing skin and animation, which is a special item that is quite rarely presented by Garena.

For those of you who are crazy about these special items, then this time is the best chance for you to get them at the latest FF Faded Wheel event.

For those of you who are curious, here is a leak about the latest Faded Wheel FF event in August 2022, which will be coming soon!

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New Faded Wheel FF August 2022

Arrival Animation and Skywing are the newest items that are special. This cool animation called Spaceship Dominator demonstrates the movement of a character who is riding a Skywing which then turns into an arrow.

Meanwhile, Skywing titled Ultra Spaceship is the latest Skywing skin edition 5th Free Fire Anniversary, which has a distinctive color from the event.

This Skywing and Animation is worthy of your possession, apart from its cool appearance, this is also an animated skin that has just been introduced to Free Fire for the umpteenth time, considering that this skin is unique in its appearance.

You can get the Spaceship Dominator and Ultra Spaceship in the Faded Wheel event in a few days. In addition, you also have the opportunity to have 9 other prizes in the same event.

The method for participating in the Faded Wheel event will be the same as in general, namely by removing two types of prizes that you don’t want first. The first spin can start with 9 Diamonds. The number will continue to increase in the next Spin.

Every time you spin, you have the opportunity to get other prizes such as other Gun Skins and Diamond Vouchers that you can use in Diamond Royale.

While the maximum main prize will be obtained on the 8th spin. You are sure to get a different prize every time you spin.

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That’s information about the latest Faded Wheel Free Fire spin event. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.