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KO Master, Majamojo Supports Indonesian Boxing World

Through Boxing Star: KO Master, Majamojo Supports Indonesian Boxing World

Majamojo, a joint venture company from Telkomsel through INDICO and GoTo via PT Application Multimedia Anak Bangsa (AMAB), has begun to target the social aspects of its first game product, Boxing Star: KO Master, through a CSR program that will synergize with the Chris John Foundation.

As a game publisher who has successfully collaborated with AGATE for the release of Memories, the first interactive novel game in Southeast Asia, Majamojo is now initiating a number of CSR programs that want to elevate the dignity of boxers in Indonesia, in collaboration with a national boxing legend, Chris John.

Through Boxing Star: KO Master, his first game product which will be released on August 18, 2022 this month, Majamojo hopes to re-excite the world of boxing in Indonesia, which once had a national line of reliable and well-respected boxers on the world stage.

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Had Made World-Level Achievements

Boxing Star KO Master

As if forgotten, but history has recorded gold ink and proud achievements as well as making the nation’s name proud of them.

“Boxing Star: KO Master became our first game choice because it represents the boxer culture in Indonesia who has to start from scratch but keep fighting until they can reach the level of boxers who deserve to be world champions!” said Jungwon Hahn, CEO of Mamamojo.

“We even made all game content very Indonesian so that it fits the tastes of local gamers, even making it easier for all global users to access it.”

The Chris John Foundation itself is a non-profit foundation founded by Chris John, a national boxer who became a World Champion and has the title Super Champion for successfully defending his title more than 10 times in a row.

“The interest of Indonesian youth and youth in boxing is actually quite high, but the lack of coaching from an early age to the lack of support for boxing careers in the future makes them worry themselves,” said Chris John, voicing the sadness of his fellow boxers who received less attention.

“I hope that the concern, for example from the private sector such as Majamojo, can continue to promote programs that support the sport of boxing in Indonesia, in order to continue to produce young boxer talents who can shine on the world stage.”

Some of the program scopes that will be targeted include the construction of a boxing gym, auditions and selection, as well as the selection of talented athletes in the region, which ensures the existence of the sport of boxing.

Including the welfare of the national boxers who once made proud achievements.

The realization of the first CSR program, the synergy between Mamamojo and the Chris John Foundation, could soon be realized in the final quarter of this year.

The basic concept of the CSR program that will be implemented can be in the form of: DONATION; namely in the form of fundraising based on the percentage of Majamojo profit in a year, in the form of: SCHOLARSHIP; which is intended for programs to improve the quality of young boxers and the welfare of outstanding veteran boxers; then EMPLOYEE VOLUNTEER, by working together to clean the boxing gym; including PARTICIPANT EVENTwhich invites users to contribute Boxing Star: KO Master in various events via social media.

Boxing Star KO Master Features

Boxing Star: KO Master has successfully completed the Pre-registration period (14 July – 17 August 2022), including the limited CBT period which officially ended on 2 August.

Mamamojo has scheduled a global release on August 18, 2022. Prepare yourself to be a Boxing Champion in Indonesia, and a Boxing Star!

“It’s not just a sports game, but for us Boxing Star: KO Master is a moment of revival from the national boxing stage, as well as revitalizing the spirit of boxing fans in Indonesia,” said Jungwon, confirming the mission of releasing the film by Mamamojo.

“In the future, we will support educational programs for young talent and provide compensation to veteran boxers in Indonesia who are economically disadvantaged.”

As a publisher who also represents the name of Indonesia, Mamamojo also wants to contribute significantly to social and community life through CSR programs that will be in line with his products so that the wider community can also enjoy the benefits of the company.

Make sure all your comrades from the global region reunite in the boxing ring and fight together again in Boxing Star: KO Master! Let #Turn on Indonesian Boxing!!

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