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KB Calls RRQ Mobile Legends (ML) Lack of Regeneration

The MPL ID Season 10 tournament this time has held the fourth week of matches. Each team has presented their best player. This time KB Calls RRQ Mobile Legends (ML) Lack of Regeneration.

Currently RRQ Hoshi has experienced a decline in performance in their last few matches. Of course, this also questions what made RRQ worse this time.

This time, KB analyzed Hoshi’s RRQ team and revealed that the team’s regeneration was quite lacking. The following is an explanation of course quite interesting to explain, see the article below.

KB Says RRQ Mobile Legends (ML) Regeneration Is Lacking

Through Jonathan Liandi’s personal YouTube channel, this time in the EMPESHOW event, three speakers, namely KB, REKT and Antimage, discussed week 4 of MPL ID Season 10. This time, KB said that the regeneration of RRQ itself was still quite lacking.

“But that’s the minus of RRQ when it comes to regeneration, for now the closest thing is Violence, Season 9 once got a stage and changed Vyn, maybe the pole on the roamer is still possible to be replaced. But EXPlaner because it’s quite important and it’s proven that RRQ doesn’t have a commensurate regeneration, like Banana instead of R7 is still very incomplete.”

According to KB, this time he thought that the RRQ team itself still lacked in terms of regeneration. As seen in Banana with the R7, which still doesn’t see their best performance this time.

The figure who can regenerate is Violence by replacing Vyn who was still able to win in MPL ID Season 9. So that there are still many things that RRQ will do later.

That’s the explanation from KB regarding the regeneration of the RRQ team itself this time, which still has shortcomings. What do you think about the response from KB regarding this this time?