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Kalpalata Lotus Genshin Impact Farming Location

Genshin Impact has released many new, very exciting updates for you to try now. Even the presence of the Kalpalata Lotus Genshin Impact Farming Location, you can quickly find many of these items easily. As long as you already know all the locations so that it becomes more accurate for this later.

There are still many new things that appear in Genshin Impact, appearing on the Patch which of course is very large in size too. Travelers can immediately find a lot of all that is good, so you too will feel interested in exploring Teyvat properly.

Then some that appear in the Genshin Impact Banner Sequence, there are already many and indeed make us curious for us to try. Indeed, you can remember the first time you played it when the banner appeared and maybe you got any kind of character.

Then there is also the Kalpalata Lotus Genshin Impact Farming Location, you can immediately understand and won’t be confused. So that the traveler to collect these farming items will be easier and we can do it quickly later.

Kalpalata Lotus Genshin Impact Farming Location

Kalpalata Lotus is a farming item originating from Sumeru, even widespread in the Rain Forest. This is an important item that we can collect to increase our character’s Ascension, but there are other craft items that use this as well.

Kalpalata Lotus Genshin Impact Farming Location

The position of the Kalpalata Lotus itself does appear more often in the mainland, different from the Nilotpala Lotus that already existed. Of course finding this will not be difficult anymore so that we can find it, as long as we memorize every location that has appeared now.

Spread quite widely on the Sumeru Genshin Impact Map, you will even collect these while exploring new places. Because there are several locations that might be interesting, if you want to pick up items like this in the game later.

Here are some of the Kalpalata Lotus Framing Locations that have appeared and can be collected by Travelers easily:

Kalpalata Lotus Genshin Impact Farming Location

Kalpalata Lotus Genshin Impact Farming Location

  • Vimara Village and Devantaka Mountain

Kalpalata Lotus Genshin Impact Farming Location

Some of the Kalpalata Lotus Farming Locations that Esportsku has provided are easy, you can even visit them directly. The distribution is also more dominant at the top of the Sumeru Map, almost no one needs to enter the Cave at all.

Just collect it with the spirit of the Kalpalata Lotus, because every world traveler has around 59 Fruits to pick up. You can collect these farming items later when 3 days have passed, because it’s time for the spawn to return to the map.

Material Kalpalata Lotus user character:

Raising your character’s Ascension to your max level requires a total of 168 pieces, so collect that much Kalpalata Lotus. Only then will we collect some other additional items that we can indeed find to increase the character’s Ascension.

One of them who uses this is the Dori Genshin Impact Character, who first appears as the owner of the Material. If it’s already exhausted in your world, just enter someone else’s world so we can take it as long as they don’t need it.

If you already know the Kalpalata Lotus Genshin Impact Farming Location, you won’t be confused by things like this either. Just start collecting everything, then play more smoothly to get important items like that.

Then take a look at some of the Dendroculus Genshin Impact Locations, which are important items for leveling up statue seven. We have a lot of things to explore in new places, so it won’t make you confused about this.