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Kairi's mother gave the code for the child to play Mobile Legends (ML) Indonesia

We often hear news about the transfer of Filipino players to the Indonesian team today. One of them is Kairi’s move to Indonesia which is further strengthened by the available evidence so that netizens in Indonesia always associate it with Indonesia.

Kairi did some time ago announced his separation from the ONIC PH team. Kairi and Yeb have to say goodbye to the ONIC PH team and where will these two people continue their career paths?

Rumors circulating are that he will move to the Indonesian team for MPL ID Season 10 which will be held in a few months. This puzzle is indeed difficult to guess because there has been no direct confirmation from both parties. Septemberbe they will give a surprise of course for the fans in Indonesia.

Kairi’s mother gave the code for the child to play Mobile Legends (ML) Indonesia

Some time ago it was circulated that Kairi was at the airport so that it gave a signal that he was going to Indonesia later. This caught the attention of netizens in Indonesia with the truth that Kairi will play for the team in Indonesia later to prepare for MPL ID Season 10.

The story circulating on Instagram belonging to the jrldnecl account shows Kairi’s departure to the airport and Kairi is also seen carrying a suitcase as if confirming his departure from the Philippines.

In addition to the story from Instagram belonging to the account, there is also Facebook from Kairi’s mother who uploaded a photo at the airport carrying a suitcase.

With a caption written by the mother via Facebook as follows

“The luck you created has been an inspiration to all of us. September your good luck continue throughout your life. Good luck on your next journey, son!



The mother gave the Indonesian hashtag in the post and it was the code given by the mother regarding Kairi who would go to Indonesia and open the next new journey for the child. In the post it was also written on September 22, 2022, that Kairi is most likely now in Indonesia with his new team here.

That’s the explanation of Mrs. Kairi who gave the code that the child would go to Indonesia later. We’ll just have to wait for the latest news that will be given to Mobile Legends fans in Indonesia later.