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Kairi and Yeb Playing in MPL ID Season 10 Mobile Legends (ML)?

MPL ID Season 10 has entered the Transfer market for their players. Many teams are reshuffling their roster to prepare for the Mobile legends tournament. There are also many rumors circulating about which team will get new players that will come later.

One of the things we often hear is rumors about Filipino players who will play for Indonesia, of course. Filipino players can be said to have the same quality or some that exceed Indonesian players.

The latest news is that Kairi and Yeb will play for the ONIC Esports team later in Indonesia. The two names are Filipino players who play for ONIC PH. ONIC PH itself did not get the maximum achievement he got because indeed they only managed to rank 2 in both MPL PH and M3.

Both of them currently had to say goodbye to the ONIC PH team some time ago. So where will they land?

Kairi and Yeb Playing in MPL ID Season 10 Mobile Legends (ML)?

Kairi and Yeb had Farewell with the ONIC PH team some time ago and where will they land next? Rumors circulating that they will be taken up by the Indonesian team later, the main one is ONIC Esports Indonesia.

ONIC Esports did not perform optimally in MPL ID Season 9 and MSC 2022 some time ago where during MPL ID Season 9 they only won the Runner Up, while for MSC 2022, which is one of the representatives from Indonesia besides RRQ Hoshi who competed there, he had to go home first. before entering the Playoffs. So what will happen in the future for this team to prepare for MPL ID Season 10 later?

Septemberbe they will present two people from the Philippines, Kairi and Yeb, where they can be said to have skills that match what is in Indonesia, of course. Kairi himself and ONIC PH have a role as Jungler Assassins which is in accordance with the meta in Indonesia and this possibility is very suitable for the gameplay in Indonesia later.

So what about the players who fill the current roster at ONIC Esports Indonesia, such as SANZ, who currently has a Jungler role in the ONIC team? Septemberbe later SANZ will also change roles, maybe he will become a midlaner as was the case with the Vietnam SEA Games some time ago and be able to win a silver medal with the Indonesian team. Or will SANZ move to another team later? So far, there is no clear news about this.

That’s the explanation about Kairi and Yeb will play in MPL ID Season 10 later, is it true or just a rumor? We are waiting for further news that will be given, of course, to prepare MPL ID Season 10 which is even more competitive than before.