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Jiisaa relegated to RBL MDL Mobile Legends (ML)

Currently, the MPL ID Season 10 tournament has entered its fifth week. There has been a roster change from the team at MPL ID this time. following Jiisaa relegated to RBL MDL Mobile Legends (ML)

In several matches in MPL ID Season 10, the Rebellion Zion team has arguably shown their best performance. They also slowly began to gain points little by little.

This time they also made changes to their team, Rebellion Zion. Of course it is interesting for us to discuss this time about the news, see the following explanation.

Jiisaa relegated to RBL MDL Mobile Legends (ML)

Through a post on this time the Rebellion Zion team transferred a player who could be considered quite potential, namely Jiisaa, who was demoted to MDL along with Rebellion Sinai. This time he will help the MDL team to win points, of course.

Currently, the Rebellion Zion team itself is in 8th position in the regular season standings of MPL ID Season 10. The blue bull team is still not showing a good performance, although some time ago they managed to beat the defending champion, RRQ Hoshi with a score of 2-0 without reply.

This time Jiisaa has never been included in the starting lineup for the Rebellion Zion team in MPL ID Season 10. The jungler position of Rebellion Zion itself is currently filled by Fearless, many netizens also want to see Jiisaa’s performance.

Because we know Jiisaa in MPL ID Season 9 can bring changes to his team which is slowly increasing. This is also the role of Jiisaa as a jungler for the team which looks very potential.

That’s the explanation of Jiisaa who must be demoted to Rebellion MDL this time. What do you think about it this time?