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Items that hurt Balmond Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends released a lot of the latest very cool updates for all of you to try. Even the appearance of a sick item in Balmond Mobile Legends (ML), understand it properly to use it. Because with the installation of items like this, there will definitely be some influence in the future as well.

The events that appear in the Mobile Legends game itself are also quite cool, there are many that we can find now. Because the presence of the new event will give players a variety of cool prizes, as long as they can also complete missions very quickly.

Especially for the Role Hero Mobile Legends that we use to compete, it will definitely be something that is very fitting. Because you have to understand every Role Hero in this game, so that it can be even easier to face the enemy while in the match later.

Then for Balmond Mobile Legends (ML) Sick Items, you can strengthen Balmond Hero with items like this. So it’s like making the hero the main DPS in a team that will rely on his skills to deal high damage.

Items that hurt Balmond Mobile Legends (ML)

Warrior Boots

Increases Movement Speed ​​40+ and Physical Defense 22+.

Blessing Equipment None, Unique Passive named Valor. Physical Defense will increase by 5 every time it receives a basic attack. The maximum stack reaches 25, will last for 3 seconds.

The sickest item in Balmond Mobile Legends is Bloodlust Ax

Increase 70+ Physical Attack, +10% Cooldown Reduction.

Additional Attribute in the form of Spell Vamp which increases up to 20%+.

Berseker Fury

Physical Attack 65+ and +25% Critical Chance.

Unique Attribute increases +40% Critical Damage. The unique passive is called Doom which will increase the hero’s Physical Attack 5% for 2 seconds, if it gives a Critical Hit attack.

War Ax

Physical Attack 45+, Additional 550 HP and +10% Cooldown Reduction.

Unique Passive named Fighting Spirit, gives an attack to the opponent will give 9 physical attacks and 3 physical penetration every second lasts for 3 seconds. The maximum can only reach 8 stacks (Marksman/Mage and Support only get 33% of the Effect from the Stack). Movement Speed ​​will increase too, when the stack is full by 15%.

The sickest item in Balmond Mobile Legends is Queen’s Wing’s

Physical Attack 25+, 990 Hp and +10% Cooldown Reduction.

Unique Passive named Demonize, Reduces the damage dealt by the enemy by 20% when HP is below 40%. Then increase Spell Vamp Hero by 25% for 5 seconds. This effect has a cooldown that lasts 1 minute.


Additional 800 HP and +20 Physical Defense.

Unique Passive named Immortal, revives with 2.5 seconds after being hit by an enemy and gains 16% HP and a Shield that can deal 220 – 1200 Damage. This effect scales with hero level, shield lasts 3 seconds and has a cooldown of 210 seconds.

Balmond is one of the very strong Fighter-Type Heroes with a DPS attack that is quite painful. Even with this Balmond Mobile Legends Pain Item, it will definitely help players to be stronger when dealing with enemies though.

Really understand Tips for Using Hero Balmond Mobile Legends, so that your playing performance is maintained and definitely good. Because this build is fairly weak sometimes, but the strength of the damage itself is quite large.

My Esports has also used Balmond as a Half Tank, although now it has become a Full Fighter because of the changes. But because Balmond’s Pain Item is the most powerful, it will definitely help you to attack very barbarically.

After knowing the Most Painful Item in Balmond Mobile Legends (ML), you won’t be confused anymore by providing the right build. Just follow the advice I gave Esports, so that we can easily follow the build soon.

Considering Combo Hero Balmond Mobile Legends, it will definitely become stronger with use like this. An enemy that is indeed quite difficult, will be easily overcome by the hero Balmond who has a skill with high damage.